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Be the number one partner to music and arts, by providing great digital tools for education and administration.

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Make the music and arts experience accessible for everyone.

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LET'S LEARN TO PLAY has deep roots within Music & Culture Education.
Here's a brief history of how we got to where we are today.

The project "Plej" is launched and the result was a DVD with guitar and drum lessons used as a teaching aid.
plej first dvd
The company "PlayAlong AB" is founded. DVD sales increases rapidly, which brought a Gold Disc to the company.
Plej Gold Disc
SpeedAdmin launches with Sønderborg Music School as the first customer that started using SpeedAdmin.
SpeedAdmin old logo
PlayAlong focus on developing a content and learning management system for Swedish music and culture schools.
Play Along logo
PlayAlong raise more capital and with new owners and a new external Board of Directors, we develop the company further.
PlayAlong directors sofa
SpeedAdmin meet Keld, the owner of “Damus”. A collaboration between SpeedAdmin and Keld begins, moving Damus customers into SpeedAdmin, and Keld joins the company.
SpeedAdmin and Damus
Stavanger is the first school to try SpeedAdmin in Norway, opening up the Norweigan market for SpeedAdmin.
Flag of Norway
Uno Karlsson, head of Botkyrka music and culture school, contacts PlayAlong with a request to jointly develop a total solution for Swedish music and culture schools.
SpeedAdmin begins working with Essex for the next two years to implement SpeedAdmin at their service. This represents the beginning of SpeedAdmin's expansion into the UK market.
Flag of United Kingdom
SpeedAdmin's expansion into Sweden starts with Simrishamn. Lund-, Lomma- and Göteborg culture schools following quickly after.

SpeedAdmin, is awarded Børsen Digital Gazelle. Børsen the leading Danish business newspaper. Digital Gazelle is given to one company each year that have had a huge impact regarding digitalization.
Karsten Torben gazelle awards
StudyAlong logo
The product StudyAlong takes over from as the company's new flagship.

SpeedAdmin makes contact with Lübeck Musikschule in Germany. Becoming the first German school using SpeedAdmin.
Finally! Combining forces as one company, opens completely new opportunities to create the best overall system for music and cultural school administration, content and education for music and culture schools throughout Europe!
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Board of Directors

Tommy Carlsson

Tommy Carlsson

Chairman of the Board
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Fredrik Österberg

Board Member
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Karsten Grau Rasmussen

Board Member
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Torben Dueholm Rasmussen

Board Member

Michael Hamann

Board Member