Let's Learn to Play Acquires School Archive

Lets Learn to Play is happy to announce the agreement to purchase the Icelandic based music school system School Archive.

School Archive have for many years been the preferred administration system for music schools in Iceland. But in December 2021 the founder Sveinn Eythorsson announced its closure by the end of 2022.

As the lead system for music- and arts schools in Scandinavia, Lets Learn to Play have been considering the Icelandic market for several years but concluded that School Archive was covering the demand of the potential customers. The announcement to close School Archive therefor presented an entirely new business case for this exciting and developing market. In the dialogue between the owners of Lets Learn to Play and Sveinn Eythorsson, it quickly came clear that the two systems were both build and based on the passion for music tuition and the fascination of how digital tools can help us all work smarter and expand the potential and accessibility of music tuition. Thereby the foundation for a common cooperation was clear.

The acquisition will ensure that the Icelandic music schools have a futureproofed administrative system and digitizing their music tuition, as Lets Learn to Play will be offering a full 360-degree solution for both admin, teacher, and parents/student. Thereby being part of the frontier of the digital revolution going on worldwide in the music tuition industry.

Also, by drawing on the extended experience from both Sveinn Eythorsson and the large Lets Learn to Play team, the many music schools already using School Archive today will have an easy transition into a new system. Ensuring the data transition, bespoke third-party integrations and adapted functionality for the Icelandic Music Schools. School Archive will go into maintenance mode for now but will be fully serviced until the end of its lifetime. In the mean time, current users will be offered to move over to SpeedAdmin. Lets Learn to Play is looking forward to servicing the Icelandic music schools and the great cooperation with Sveinn Eythorsson.