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Meet the Team

We're the awesome team at Let's Learn to Play and we're here to make our dreams of accessible music & arts tuition for everyone a reality. We're an international bunch with a wide range of skills and expertise, but we all have one thing in common: our passion for music & arts tuition.

Support, Implementation & Education

Torben Rasmussen

Co-founder and CCO

Eva S. Jensen

Customer Support

Henrik Ståhlberg

Support Manager

Daniel Philipsen

DPO and Support

Malin Lindström

Customer Support

Niclas Villadsen

Customer Support

Torbjörn Kristiansson

Customer Support

Kathrin Grube Andersson

Customer Support

Anita Lassen

Customer Support

Hannah Beaumont

Customer Support

David Heikkinen

Customer Support

Lisa Sandgren

Customer Support

Sami Mason

Customer Support

Dagmar Halldorsdottir

Customer Support

Wienke Reimer

Customer Support

Vajka Thomsen

Customer Support


Karsten Grau Rasmussen

Co-founder and CTO

Jesper Munk

Tech Lead - Backend

Rob Earle

UI/UX Designer

Magnus Edemalm

Software Developer

Louise Blaaberg Clausen

SCRUM Master

Michael Nielsen

Software Developer

Peter Kvick

Software Developer

Kasper Christensen

Team Leader & IT Project Manager

Kim Ramgaard

Software Developer

Christina Johansen

Software Developer

Michael Johannsen

IT Supporter

Thomas Lau Michaelsen

Software Developer

Finance & Admin

Gabriella Grönström


Sandra Albers Krogh

Legal Administrator

Sandra Ludvigsen

Financial Accountant

Mie Andresen

Administrative Coordinator

Sales & Marketing

Fredrik Österberg

Co-founder and CSO

Olle Danielsson

Co-founder & Exec. Board

Thomas Reng Thomsen

Commercial Director

Ellen Wemmelund

Sales & Marketing Consultant

Fenja Brommann

Sales & Marketing Coordinator


Örjan Gill

Production & Content

Dan Sandhøj Fromm

PlayAlong Manager

Jonas Öijvall

A/V Producer